Synthetic Pitch Maintenance in Abercarn

Synthetic Pitch Maintenance in Abercarn

Artificial grass pitches need to be cleaned and maintained properly to ensure the best performance and safety qualities for players.

Artificial Grass Maintenance in Abercarn

Artificial Grass Maintenance in Abercarn

In order to keep a synthetic sports pitch in top condition, regular proactive cleaning should be done to remove dirt and litter and prevent contamination.

Pitch Maintenance Specialists in Abercarn

Pitch Maintenance Specialists in Abercarn

We are expert contractors specialising in the cleaning and maintenance of synthetic turf sports pitches to keep facilities clean and safe for use all year round.

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Synthetic Sports Surfaces Maintenance in Abercarn

We are Synthetic Sports Surfaces Maintenance. We are expert contractors specialising in cleaning and maintaining synthetic turf sports pitches to keep facilities clean and safe for use all year round. 

If you'd like more expert advice on synthetic sports surfaces maintenance in Abercarn our friendly and experienced team will help.

Synthetic sports surfaces maintenance in Abercarn NP11 5 can often be overlooked due to many people think synthetic pitches are service free; however, this is a common misconception.

To keep your artificial turf sports pitch performing consistently at its best, it is vital that sports surface servicing is carried out.

The extent of this cleaning can vary from sports pitch to pitch and surface to surface.

For example, the surrounding areas of an artificial turf pitch can greatly impact maintaining the surface needs to maintain its drainage qualities and play characteristics.

There are different levels and categories of this service, such as proactive and reactive maintenance.

  • Proactive maintenance includes Synthetic turf grooming, drag brushing, deep clean and moss and algae treatment.
  • Reactive maintenance includes repairs, rejuvenation, recycled rejuvenation and additional Infill Top Up.
  • Resurfacing – upgrade existing sports surfaces, refurbishment of the all-weather pitch.

We can complete both types of servicing on 2G and 3G synthetic turf surfaces

However, it's recommended that proactive maintenance is regularly carried out to prevent the need for reactive maintenance on your artificial turf surface.

If you would like some advice about sports surface maintenance for your pitch, please fill in our contact form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can to talk about the costs of these services.


Is Sport Surface Cleaning Important?

Yes, sports surface cleaning is essential if you want to keep your facility in excellent condition. If it's not kept clean, then it can become dangerous as hazards can occur.

The common problems are that they become slippery, the infill gets dirty, they have flooded, or they rip. If you catch these issues before they get worse, it should be more cost-effective for you to fix them.

Maintaining Artificial Sports Surfaces Near Me

Proactive surfacing cleaning in Abercarn NP11 5 is always advised when building a pitch closest to you because, in the long run, it can prevent costly reactive maintenance visits.

If the synthetic grass sports surface pitch in your surrounding area needs repairs not long after installation, it's possible that you have not been maintaining your floor regularly or correctly.

Proactive maintenance can prevent what could lead to expensive repairs or rejuvenation bills.

Proactive maintenance can be as little as regular brushing and drag matting.

These prevent infill from getting compacted and remove any unwanted plants, weeds and vegetation from the surface that could lead to the build of moss and algae on your flooring.

Without maintaining your infill, your artificial sport facility can both be slippery and inhibiting drainage.

Often a chemical treatment is used to remove and prevent moss and algae growth.

For details on this, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member using the enquiry form.

Many establishments require sports cleaning with synthetic turf pitches to keep their sport surfacing performing consistently to ensure the playing characteristics of the artificial turf don’t deteriorate.

These establishments include:

  • Primary Schools / Secondary Schools – 2nd generation Multi Use Games Area for Tennis, Netball, Basketball, Football and Hockey.
  • Clubs – Synthetic Sand Filled or Artificial grass rubber crumb infill pitch for Hockey or Football
  • Football Clubs – Third Generation 3G sport pitches or 4G football training facility
  • Leisure Centres – Second Generation, 3G or 4th Generation all weather area for small sided hockey or 5-a-side football.

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How do You Maintain a Sports Court Near Me?

When looking at maintaining a sports court, our specialists can carry out a series of steps to keep the surrounding areas in great condition. To do this, we follow these simple steps:

  1. Brush the surface to remove any dirt
  2. Apply a gentle jet wash to clear any build-up of contaminants
  3. Repair any damages and cracks in necessary
  4. Re-apply line markings where needed.

This can help several facilities in Abercarn NP11 5 extend the court's life expectancy. Speak to us today if you would like to find out more information and receive more details. 

How Often Should I Get My Artificial Pitch Maintained?

An artificial pitch requires constant grooming – at the very least, once a week. Every two weeks, a full-size pitch that is used 35 hours per week should be groomed.

Although brushing isn't rocket science, there's a lot more to it than that. It fixes minor faults in the surface, such as seam failures and so on.

Professional Sports Court Cleaning in Abercarn

It's often thought that some nearby synthetic sports surfaces maintenance packages can be quite expensive; however, this is not entirely correct.

There are service packages to fit almost any budget, with costs and prices varying depending on the extent and how regular the servicing is carried out on 2G 2nd generation or 3G 3rd generation artificial sports pitch.

We can also complete sport surface upgrades to improve the flooring ensure the best playing qualities. 

It is not always necessary that you will need a specialist professional servicing contractor to carry out the cleaning on your local pitch.

You may be able to carry out some degree of servicing on the sand filled 2G sport surfacing, 3G sports pitch, 4G or 5G facility yourself.

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