Pitch Infill Supply

Pitch Infill Supply

We can supply sand and rubber infill for synthetic turf pitch facilities, this is installed within the carpet pile to create the best playing qualities.

Sports Surface Infill

Sports Surface Infill

Synthetic grass pitches are infilled with sand and rubber to help the turf fibres stand up and to create a smooth and even playing surface for various sports.

Artificial Turf Sand Infill

Artificial Turf Sand Infill

Artificial turf sand infill is important for proactive maintenance of synthetic grass as this will keep it in great condition for a long time.

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Synthetic Grass Infill Supply

Here at Synthetic Grass Infill Supply, we can supply sand and rubber infill for synthetic turf pitch facilities, this is installed within the carpet pile to create the best playing qualities. If you're in need of experienced and friendly synthetic grass infill supply installers then look no further than us.

Synthetic grass infill supply is our expertise! Many organisations in the UK often ask ‘Do I need to maintain my artificial sports pitch?’ and the answer is always yes. By regularly checking the sand-infill levels and making certain that they are not too high or low, it is possible to extend the life of your sand-infill and enhance safety and performance.

For information on safety testing please click here http://www.syntheticturfpitchmaintenance.co.uk/survey/safety-characteristics/ When this type of surfacing is installed in an area, the fill within is there for a reason and it should stay at a certain level to carry on performing well. If you notice that the astroturf is not as good as it used to be, then it is worth checking the level of the sand-grains as this could be causing the issue.


If you're interested in our services which have available to offer, then make sure you fill in our contact form and we will get back in touch as soon as we can with the suitable info. As a specialist team, we are happy to answer any questions and give you all the details and information you will need to get the best results. 

Why Install Extra Sand Infill for Sport Surfaces Near Me?

The reason you would install extra sand infill for nearby sport surfaces closest to you is because it can dramatically affect the playing characteristics in a number of ways including:

  • Player/surface interaction- Safety aspects such as CFH which may not be met if the in fill levels are low. As a variety of local people will be using the facility and its surrounding area, therefore it's important to make sure that it meets the necessary standards and requirements.
  • Ball/surface interaction- Including ball bounce, ball roll etc.
  • Water Logging- If infill levels are too high or compacted within the system it can lose porosity and start holding water. This will then cause further problems, such as contamination.

Artificial Turf Sand Infilled

Artificial turf infill supply is important for regular proactive maintenance of a synthetic grass pitch is necessary to ensure that your grass pitch is conserved and maintained using both in-house and specialised maintenance machinery. It's possible to upkeep your synthetic surface by sweeping, drag brushing, power grooming and decompacting in fill on a regular basis.

We can also offer drag matting services for synthetic surfaces. For details on drag matting please visit this page http://www.syntheticturfpitchmaintenance.co.uk/proactive/drag-mat/ You may carry maintenance out either weekly or monthly depending on the amount of using your surface.

With the routine maintenance, you can reduce the likelihood of any problems like synthetic turf compaction. By conducting regular testing on your surface and producing survey reports it allows us to see whether the in fill has become uneven or compacted and whether this is affecting the safety and performance.

If you've got any questions with regards to synthetic turf infill, please take a moment to complete our enquiry form so we can get back to you with all of the relevant information.

Additional Sand to Sports Pitches 

Once a sports court has been used for a number of years, it may require an infill of sand. This can help improve the facility as it will encourage individuals to play more sports on the pitch and become more active.

As specialists, we have years of experience and expert knowledge so are able to provide your facility with key information in order for you to get the best results. If you'd be interested in talking to our team, fill out the enquiry form provided. We will get back to you as soon as possible with everything you will need to know. 

Supplying Sand Infills Near Me

Many contractors within the UK who promise high quality infilled supplies. However, we think it's essential that you conduct the necessary checks to ensure that the supplier has been trading a significant number of years. By carrying out credit checks and obtaining references including case studies of previous work, it's possible to have the peace of mind that your artificial grass sports surface will be of a top specification.

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The synthetic grass infill supply needed for artificial turf surfaces in the UK differs due to the different requirements of the sporting governing body. A hockey surface meeting FIH guidelines would be played on a sand filled 2G carpet, however, a FIFA 1 and 2* recommended surface would be a 3G synthetic sports grass with sand and rubber in fill meeting the professional playing characteristics of both football and rugby.

A range of reactive maintenance methods can be applied to synthetic turf surfaces, including repairs, rejuvenation and decompaction of turf keep the flooring safe. For more info on decompaction please click here http://www.syntheticturfpitchmaintenance.co.uk/proactive/decompaction/ Our team can talk you through various ways to maintain your pitch so please do not hesitate to contact us using the enquiry form once you've had a look around our website.

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For more information regarding the supply and installation of sand and rubber infill for artificial grass sports pitches please fill out the contact form on this page.

We will be in touch with professional infill advice and how to maintain your 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G synthetic turf surfacing. It's vital that -

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Leisure centres
  • Sports clubs

regularly maintain their artificial surfaces and have a routine maintenance schedule in place post-installation. Thank you for reading!


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