Artificial Turf Pitch Flooding

Artificial Turf Pitch Flooding

Through compaction and contamination, synthetic grass sports pitches can start to flood as the pores in the surface get blocked and water can't drain away so it sits on the pitch.

Sports Pitch Drainage Problems

Sports Pitch Drainage Problems

We can rectify these problems by carrying out a deep clean or rejuvenation which removes dirt from within the synthetic carpet and decompacts the infill to allow water drainage again.

Preventing Flooding

Preventing Flooding

Whether your looking to prevent flooding occurring on your school, nursery or leisure centres sports courts, we are on hand to help.

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Synthetic Turf Pitch Flooding

Welcome to Synthetic Turf Pitch Flooding, we are specialists in preventing flooding occurring on your school, nursery or leisure centres sports courts. Do you need an experienced synthetic turf pitch flooding contractor then you have come to the right place.

Synthetic turf pitch flooding can be a problem. Over time an artificial grass sports surface can acquire dirty and compacted infill which become trapped deep within turf fibres. If the infill is left untreated, it's very likely that the surface will become less permeable and often leads to total waterlogging of the pitches.

There are many people in the UK asking the question; ‘Do I need to maintain my artificial sports pitch?’ and the answer is a resounding yes. Although an artificial facility is an excellent alternative to a natural grass sports pitches it is incredibly important that it's thoroughly maintained year-round once the facility has been installed.

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We would be more than happy to offer you more information on synthetic pitch floods if necessary. Please complete our contact form to speak to a member of our team.

Why is my Artificial Pitch Flooding?

There could be a range of reasons as to why your artificial pitch is flooding. The most common cause will be that there has not been enough maintenance carried out on the facility and this has caused the sand infill to start blocking the drainage. This then means that the surfacing is likely to become contaminated with moss and algae because of the amount of water which is being held on the area.

When you notice the surface is not draining and not being as porous as it should be, this is why you will need a specialist maintenance company closest to you to restore the surfacing.

Quite often once the pitch flooding has been resolved some clients may choose to upgrade their surface. If you'd like more details on the upgrade of an artificial pitch please visit this page We offer a number of surfaces when upgrading sport facilities, so please get in touch if you require our assistance.

Sport Surfacing Holding Water

It is much more effective to prevent a nearby synthetic grass surface from flooding, puddling and holding water than it's to fix once it has waterlogged. By having a proactive maintenance scheme is schedule it's possible to conserve your local sports surfaces with in-house servicing equipment to enhance porosity, free drainage and performance.

Weeds, moss, algae, debris and dust are much simpler to prevent than to get rid of. By incorporating a regular chemical moss and algae treatment into your maintenance schedule it gives you the best possible chance of preventing your area from becoming contaminated. This is a process which is often incorporated into football pitch maintenance as these facilities can often become flooded and unsuitable for use.

To learn more about football pitch maintenance please click here Other servicing procedures to aid the drainage and permeability of your synthetic surface and surrounding area include:

  • Decompaction - Breaking up of infill that has hardened deep within the fibres.
  • Deep Cleaning – Using compressed air at an angle to rid the fake grass of unwanted debris.
  • Regular testing – To ensure that the infill levels are not too high or low and the surfacing is working to maximum safety and performance.

Flooding Prevention 

When trying to prevent flooding to your nearby sports pitch our experts are able to carry out a specialist process in order to maintain your surrounding areas. Most facilities across the UK will try and use their sports courts all year round, but in the harsh winter weather, this is not always possible.

We are able to ensure your surfacing is porous and allows water to drain through the flooring. To do this you may need to ensure your area is free from contamination with no pours filled. Talk to us today if you'd like to find out more information and ask any questions. 

How to Prevent Sports Surface Flooding Near Me

If you are looking at how to prevent sports surface flooding, it is important that a regular maintenance schedule is in place especially in organisations such as:

  • Schools - Cleaning of dirty contaminated infill to ensure the artificial grass system remains SuDS compliant.
  • Colleges - Decompaction of infill to allow the free drainage of surfacing water via permeable membrane.
  • Universities - Use of brag brush/mat to spread the infill evenly across the sports carpet.
  • Leisure Centres - Repairing all weather flooring and use of specialist machinery to increase porosity.
  • Sports Clubs - Power groom to restore and renew the artificial grass back to top condition.


By recycling the sand and rubber infill and redistributing it evenly throughout the turf fibres, it's possible to restore the safety and performance of the surface and enhance its life expectancy. In addition to the sand filled surfaces cleaning we can complete 3G surfacing maintenance for football and rugby pitches to be sure the rubber infill is evenly distributed. We can also offer this for MUGA pitches.

To learn more about MUGAs and the upkeep needed please click here We would be happy to answer any questions you have so feel free to complete our enquiry form so we can discuss costs for synthetic surfacing servicing.

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