Sports Pitch Drag Mats

Sports Pitch Drag Mats

Synthetic pitch maintenance can be done with drag mats which are pulled around the surface and help to redistribute the infill and maintain good performance qualities.

Sport Surface Drag Matting

Sport Surface Drag Matting

Drag matting maintenance should be done on a regular basis for sand or rubber filled synthetic pitches to keep the infill evenly spread and prevent contamination within the fibres.

Drag Matting Synthetic Grass

Drag Matting Synthetic Grass

When carrying out drag matting to nearby synthetic sports pitches, our professionals are on hand to provide you with great results that suit your requirements.

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Drag Mat Artificial Turf Sports Surfaces

Here at Drag Mat Artificial Turf Sports Surfaces, when carrying out drag matting to nearby synthetic sports pitches, our professionals are on hand to provide you with great results that suit your requirements. If you're in need of experienced and friendly drag mat artificial turf sports surfaces installers then look no further than us.

Drag mat artificial turf sports surfaces is a type of maintenance plan which is recommended. The sport surfacing maintenance dragging mat is used to spread and distribute the infill over the pitch evenly to maintain the required playing characteristics of the sports all weather pitch surface. Whether it is a 3G rubber infilled football pitch or 2G hockey pitch sand infilled sports surface the drag-mat will help keep the second generation or third generation pitch performing consistently.


If you would like to find out more information regarding drag mats speak to our specialist team today. We are happy to give you everything you need to know in order to get the best results possible. Simply fill out the contact form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible with everything all the details. 

What is Drag Matting?

Drag matting is a servicing procedure which is carried out on a local sports facility closest to you to spread the sand infill evenly around the area. As well as evenly spreading infill over the 2G or 3G pitch drag-matting maintenance will help remove any unwanted litter, weeds and vegetation from the surface. Failure to remove these from the all-weather synthetic turf sports surface could lead to pitch becoming the perfect habitat for moss and algae to grow to form a drainage inhibiting layer.

This moss and algae layer mixes with the infill and is trodden into the synthetic turf fibres causing the infill to compact and prevent water from draining through the artificial carpet correctly causing water to hold and puddle on the surface. In some circumstances to resolve or rectify this problem, the all-weather sports surface may need to undergo reactive maintenance in the form of rejuvenation or resurfacing. The turf drag brushing process can also be done to remove contaminants from within the grass and keep the surface and its surrounding area performing well. 

How to use a Drag Mat

There are many ways to use this equipment, to find out some of the choices, read the information below:

  1. Hire a nearby professional contractor who will attach the equipment onto a vehicle such as a quad.
  2. Hire the item and spread the in fill by hand.

Professionals would attach the drag-mat to the back of vehicle such as a quad bike and travel around the 2G or 3G pitch to redistribute the sand or rubber infill evenly. It is also possible to drag-mat the surface by hand, hand-operated drag mats can be purchased which would allow you to drag-mat and evenly spread infill across the artificial sport surface independently.

We can offer any advice you need with regards to drag-matting and other types of maintenance for synthetic sports pitches so feel free to contact us through our enquiry form.

Drag Matting Filled Synthetic Grass Sport Pitches Near Me

There are many venues and establishments that have fake grass sports pitch facilities in the form of sand filled 2G or rubber infilled 3G or 4G pitches. All establishments with synthetic sports surfaces will need a regular proactive maintenance package to keep all-weather pitches performing consistently to their best and preventing possible costly reactive maintenance such as artificial turf replacement. These establishments include:

  • Schools – Primary and Secondary schools near me often have 2nd Generation or 3rd generation sport facilities used for a variety of activities including Hockey, Football and Rugby. Using a drag mats as part of the surfaces maintenance will help spread infill evenly and removes any unwanted litter from the area to maintain its playing characteristics.
  • Leisure Centres – Many Leisure Centres in the UK have 2G Sand Filled pitches or 3G/4G Rubber Infill pitches and a regular maintenance package should help keep the surfaces in top possible condition to beat off any competition for evening and weekend bookings.
  • Clubs – Sport clubs for example, football and hockey clubs now play a lot of their completion matches on artificial grass / synthetic turf 2G, 3G and 4G pitches. Using a drag-mat is vital to maintain the pitches playing characteristics.

Other Proactive Services We Offer

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For each of these facilities, we can also carry out sport surface performance tests to check the playing qualities and ensure that the flooring is safe for use.

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For more information on drag mat artificial turf sports surfaces maintenance including drag-matting including information on the costs and prices associated with maintaining a synthetic turf pitch please contact us. All that you need to do is fill in our application form on our website and a member of our team will get in contact with you. Thanks for reading our information.


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