Additional Sports Pitch Infill in Almondsbury

Additional Sports Pitch Infill in Almondsbury

We can install extra sand or rubber infill to your synthetic sports pitch to ensure the levels are topped up and the surface gives even playing qualities.

Turf Infill Top Up in Almondsbury

Turf Infill Top Up in Almondsbury

Topping up the infill in your synthetic grass sports pitch helps to enhance the performance characteristics and create a more natural playing surface during matches.

Artificial Grass Infill in Almondsbury

Artificial Grass Infill in Almondsbury

Applying infill to your artificial sports court is crucial in order to maintain the area and keep it in a great condition for a long period of time.

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Additional Infill to Synthetic Turf Sports Pitch in Almondsbury

Here at Additional Infill to Synthetic Turf Sports Pitch, we are specialists in topping up the infill in your synthetic grass sports pitch helps to enhance the performance characteristics and create a more natural playing surface during matches. If you're in need of experienced and friendly additional infill to synthetic turf sports pitch installers in Almondsbury then look no further than us.

Additional infill to synthetic turf sports pitch in Almondsbury BS32 4 can be needed and this is a service which we are able to provide. An artificial grass sports pitch consists of plastic grass fibres and either a sand or sand and rubber infill. Over time this infill can begin to become compact deep within the fibres or become lost altogether and therefore must be topped up regularly.

With the introduction of 3G surfacing in the UK, it is now possible to play professional football matches on the artificial sports grass as they comply with FIFA 1 and 2* accreditations. However, due to the softer fibres of third generation technology pitches, it is important that the rubber and sand filled infill levels are checked regularly. The rubber infill in a local 3G pitch does not only keep the fibres upright and from prevent them damage but also add to the natural playing characteristics of the artificial pitch.

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IF you are interested in finding out more information, feel free to talk to a member of our team today. We're happy to give you all the details you require in order to get the best results possible from your sports pitch. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Adding Extra Sand Infill to Sports Surfaces Near Me

By loosening the sand-infill it's possible to improve the ball bounce capabilities, the aesthetics of a pitch and also aid drainage so that the synthetic grass surface remains porous and SuDS compliant. Although both sand filled 2G and the latest 3G pitches have permeable membranes allowing the drainage of surface water, it is important to ensure the levels are topped up the right amount without being compacted down deep within the fibres.

Once this happens drainage can begin to fail and the compacted infill can become dirty, contaminated and cause the pitches to waterlog. Infill is used to maintain good playing qualities, so we can carry out professional performance testing to check that the surface is playing well.

How to Add Sand Infill 

When looking to add sand infill to your local sports pitch, our specialists follow these simple steps in order to get the greatest results:

  1. Clean the surface to get rid of any bacteria and dirt
  2. Extract any contaminated sand from the court
  3. Replace with a new, clean layer of sand
  4. Apply new line markings if necessary

As professionals, we have years of experience and expert knowledge in order to find you exactly what you are looking for. 

Artificial Sport Surfacing Maintenance in Almondsbury

By implementing a good quality maintenance plan you are able to conserve a nearby artificial sports pitch for as long as possible and dramatically maximise performance and extend the life expectancy of your carpet. It is impossible to say exactly how much extra sand and rubber will be required over the years once the synthetic turf surfacing has been installed. However, the more often pitches get played on the more infill will get removed therefore frequent visits to assess these levels is very important.

As a rule of thumb, artificial sports pitch closest to you and your surrounding area in Almondsbury BS32 4 must be topped up with infill once every 1-2 years and this must be adhered to if you wish to extend to life expectancy of you carpet for as long as possible as well as to ensure it carries on to meet the accreditations it was accredited with at installation. Please fill in your contact form if you need some advice on the costs for adding extra infill for your synthetic pitches.

Top Up Sand Rubber Crumb Artificial Grass Infill

Incorrect levels lead to excessive wear of Astro grass synthetic fibres and over time this can lead to needing a full surface replacing costing much more than regular maintenance. Poor in fill levels can also cause poor performance of the surface and lead to compaction of sand and rubber deep in the synthetic grass strands causing poor drainage and water puddling throughout the pitches. When sand levels are low in an artificial pitch the abrasiveness of the surface increases, in turn, causing more injuries on surfacing.


The rubber-infill on 3G pitches are used to reduce the impact between player and surface and therefore making certain that certain levels are correct is essential. In order to maintain even levels of sand-infill, you should carry out regular maintenance such as drag brushing, deep cleaning and synthetic pitch grooming to keep the surface clean.

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