Artificial Pitch Repairs

Artificial Pitch Repairs

If your synthetic sports pitch is used heavily it may become damaged with rips in the carpet, this can be easily repaired by filling in the affected are with a new grass application.

Synthetic Turf Repair

Synthetic Turf Repair

It's important that you check for any damage on your synthetic all weather pitch and have repairs carried out as soon as possible to minimise the effects on performance.

All weather Surface Maintenance

All weather Surface Maintenance

We are able to carry out maintenance to your all weather pitch to help keep it in great condition and suitable all year round.

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Repairs All Weather Pitches

Here at Repairs All Weather Sports Pitches, our specialist team are able to carry out maintenance to your all weather pitch to help keep it in great condition and suitable all year round. If you're in need of experienced and friendly repairs all weather sports pitches installers then look no further than us.

If you need repairs all weather sports pitches should always be undertaken as a matter of urgency. What dictates the extent or type of repair needed on an artificial pitch is the damage done to the surface. A common reason why pitches often require repairs is due to the use of the wrong or incorrect footwear on the synthetic sports surface.

Metal or sharp studs and blades on football boots can rip and tear artificial grass surfaces and leave them in need of repair. Other possible damages to the surface include lines and pitch markings, penalty spots, penalty box line and touchlines lifting at the joints, this happens over time if the synthetic sports surface has not been maintained correctly, it's vital to get such damages repaired as soon as possible to eliminate any threat of a trip hazard.

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If you wait too long you may need more costly fixes such as a full resurface. To learn more about a resurface please click here In the instance of vandalism such as a nearby artificial 2G sport surfaces being cut or a 3G rubber infill surface being burnt it's also possible for these areas to be repaired.

Specialist Reactive Maintenance

Another type of reactive maintenance that we can do for synthetic pitches is rejuvenation of the infill where the dirty sand is extracted and replaced with a fresh layer of infill. This process is done to remove contaminants from the pitch and ensure that it's kept in good condition. Feel free to contact us for more information on these services as well as the repair maintenance that we can carry out.

Repairing All-Weather Sports Pitches Near Me

All repairs to sport surfaces are carried out throughout the life of synthetic grass on joints. It is important to repair the joints on a fake grass pitch such as 2G and 3G sports surfaces as failure to do so can cause trip hazards risking the safety of a sport pitch users and increasing the chances of an injury on the fake sport pitch. Local establishments with fake grass sports facilities and surrounding areas that might need repairs include:

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities – Use artificial pitch such as 2nd and 3rd generation pitches for lessons, recreation, competition, matches and rentals. Failing to repair damages can lead to user injury and can lead to expensive compensation being paid out.
  • Clubs – Football and Hockey clubs closest to me often use artificial surfaces for training, competitions & matches. Damages and vandalism need to be repaired straight away to allow competition and matches to resume.
  • Leisure Centres – 2G sand filled and 3G rubber crumb infill pitches are used by a variety of local people for a number of reasons. Synthetic floors generate a lot of income from weekend and evening bookings, damages to flooring can put the surfaces out of use and therefore stop income being generated from the facility. Sand-filled sport surfaces are often installed as they can be used for football, hockey and other activities, so maintenance for these pitches is very important.

All-Weather Surface Repairs

You may need to carry out all weather repairs to surfaces when your flooring becomes unsafe and unsuitable for use. As specialists, we have years of experience and expert knowledge carrying out repairs to damages on a range of surfaces across the UK.

Whether you need proactive or reactive maintenance, our professionals are on hand to carry out the work that is crucial for your surrounding areas. Please speak to our team today if you have any questions you want answering. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as we can with everything you need to know.  

Repair Synthetic Sports Surface Near Me

Repairing failing joints and seams on an artificial sports pitch involves cutting back the damaged or affected areas, laying a Geotextile tape to join the carpets at the seams, applying the adhesive glue evenly to ‘stick’ or hold the two pieces of artificial carpet back together by the joints, it is important that the glue is in contact with the whole turf backing including the stitches. Glueing the fake turf back together at the seams is vital as it's extremely important for the right amount of glue should be applied.

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A reason why a number of artificial turf surfaces in the UK are in need of repair is that the correct amount of glue was failed to be applied at a time of installation, it's important to point out however to much glue can cause it seeping through the carpet. While the repair to fake sports pitch is curing we advised that something is placed over the new repaired artificial turf joint to ensure the adhesive glue is embedding itself to backing stitches of the synthetic grass carpet.

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