Artificial Rugby Pitch Maintenance

Artificial Rugby Pitch Maintenance

Synthetic rugby pitches are usually installed in a 3G turf carpet, this needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure it does not get damaged or start holding water.

3G Rugby Surface Specialists

3G Rugby Surface Specialists

As well as installing synthetic rugby pitches we can also complete routine maintenance and repairs of the surface to fix damage and prevent the facility becoming unsafe.

Synthetic Rugby Pitch Cleaning

Synthetic Rugby Pitch Cleaning

It is important to keep your synthetic rugby pitch carpet clean and make sure the rubber and sand infill is spread evenly and thoroughly across the carpet surface.

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Artificial Rugby Pitch Maintenance

Welcome to Synthetic Turf Pitch Maintenance, we are specialists in the maintenance of synthetic Rugby pitches. Do you need an experienced synthetic turf pitch maintenance contractor Then you have come to the right place.

Artificial rugby pitch maintenance is a key part of keeping your sports surface in good shape. Many organisations in the UK including schools and sports clubs are replacing muddy and waterlogged pitches with artificial surfaces. One advantage of switching to artificial turf is that it requires much less upkeep than natural grass, meaning that you save money.

On the other hand, regular maintenance is still required if you want to keep the facility in top condition and ensure it is safe and provides the best performance characteristics. To keep your artificial field maintained we provide both proactive and reactive upkeep.


Our experts are more than happy to talk you through the different upkeep services which we can carry out. If you would like to talk to one of our staff members, please fill in our contact form on this page and we will offer you more details along with a free quotation. 

Deep Cleaning Services for Rugby

Proactive maintenance works to prevent the facility from becoming damaged, meaning it's less likely to need costly repairs. The effects of heavy use and weathering can be prevented with a wide range of proactive upkeep.  Some artificial rugby field upkeep that may be carried out could be grooming, drag brushing, distribution of rubber infill and even chemical treatments, which helps to prevent against moss and algae contamination.

If you're looking to reduce the cost of repairs – which could be expensive depending upon the damage – it's strongly recommended to create a maintenance plan and get started with the proactive maintenance as soon as possible. Along with 3G pitch maintenance, we can offer services for a number of other facilities including - 

  • Tennis courts
  • MUGAs
  • Synthetic hockey pitches

in  so feel free to ask us about these other surface types.

For more info on hockey pitches please click here We offer upkeep services for various sports and facilities. If you have any questions you can talk to our team. 

Please speak to our professional advisors today if you’d like some information regarding the costs of artificial pitch maintenance. We'll happily send you some case studies of our work and examples of all the services we offer.

Synthetic Rugby Surface Repairs Near Me

We also provide reactive maintenance, which is where we will repair any damages that have occurred, due to heavy use or vandalism, and prevent them from getting any worse. Synthetic surface repairs to seams and joints may be done as a part of reactive upkeep. A top-up of rubber infill particles may also be in order, and if your surface is in very bad condition you may even need to get your pitch resurfaced.

Many problems can be a result of poorly maintained pitches, if you do not maintain your field appropriately severe problems could occur, such as infill compaction and even flooding due to contamination by moss and algae, which may be a result of leaving litter or leaves on your court for a period of time. These types of damages can cause a lot of damage to an artificial facility and so will raise the cost of future repairs or resurfacing if they are not taken care of quickly and properly.

If you're concerned about the qualities of your sports surfacing, we recommend completing synthetic turf safety tests - that are presented on this page - to check the performance and safety qualities.

How much does it Cost to Maintain a Rugby Pitch?

The price of artificial rugby pitch maintenance can change on a number of contributing factors. Some of these factors include the condition that the surfacing is in, the work that needs to be done, the surface area of the pitch, the location and the ease of access to the area. Since we are specialist contractors, we guarantee the service is complete to a high quality and reasonable rates.

Our company can offer sports facility testing to determine what type of upkeep your facility needs, whilst helping to keep prices down. Such tests may include ball roll assessments, anti-slip testing and water drainage tests in order to test the safety and performance qualities of the artificial pitch. It's vital that any sports facility performs well and is safe for use by the players, therefore you must make sure the facility is looked after appropriately so that it's safe for its users.

Please fill in our contact sheet on this page if you'd like any additional information on artificial rugby field maintenance and prices, and we'll be sure to get back to you as quickly as we can.

How to Maintain a Rugby Pitch

If you're interested in how to maintain a sports facility, we would recommend following these steps:

  1. Drag brush the surface regularly
  2. Carry out deep cleaning to remove dirt and debris upon the surface
  3. Apply a moss and algae treatment to prevent contamination
  4. Rejuvenate the field when necessary
  5. Inspect the surfacing for rips and tears
  6. Repair any damages on the surfacing straight away
  7. Resurface the pitch if necessary

Sport consultants can help you with the means of getting a 3G man-made resurfaced. Developing a sport advisor could make the installation go a lot less complicated since they can schedule and style the project. If you'd like to find out more information regarding the services we now have obtainable, then you should contact all of us.

What is a 3G Rugby Pitch?

A 3G rugby pitch is a type of synthetic grass surface used for rugby in your surrounding area. The 3G synthetic surface is porous, this means water can drain through the surfacing instead of sitting on the turf. To make certain that the facility meets the needed directions and essential safety conditions when they have been installed exams are executed. Assessments for these local facilities can include draining evaluations along with ball/ surface connection check-ups. 

For information on performance check ups please visit this page Our company have the ability to establish and also servicing 3G pitches throughout the UK. We've finished our products and services for a number of nearby  -

  • Schools
  • Educational institutions
  • Universities
  • Leisure centres
  • Athletics clubs

Manufactured activities playing surface is incredibly preferred because it may be utilised throughout the year, requires a low quantity of preservation and it is resilient. Natural lawn would be preferred however now 3G surfaces also has comparable playing factors. Manufactured rugby area surfacing closest to you is now made to satisfy the guidelines of varied governing bodies. 

All of us highly recommend that you use pro building firms with practical knowledge to build the 3G pitch, this will certainly ensure you they're working on the project appropriately. While you're looking to build a man-made field centre, it's always vital you complete a background check and find work references.

To install 3G sports activities playing surfaces, the old flooring is removed for the required levels, PCC sides will be put, after that the geotextile membrane is set up and an MOT type 1 sub-base will be set and then a tarmac coating is made and then finally the 3G turf is released on top and also the edges would be fixed jointly. Depending upon the sports activities that are going to be completed, a shock pad insitu is usually put on the tarmac.

By using the shock pad, accidents can be decreased simply because it aids in absorbing a lot more effect from trips as well as falls.

Rugby Field Maintenance Near Me

Just like any kind of physical activities surface area, regular preservation is important. We'd continually suggest that you will check ups of 3G area to see if there's any type of rips or even affected parts in the carpet, and then put on intense cleansing as well as substance solutions. Without having consistent servicing, a surface may be impaired and need improvements to fix it.

Reactive care which could be done to get a rugby area surfacing consists of fixing, restoration and also resurfacing work. Our own pros can carry each of our specialist preservation and develop a maintenance schedule for your establishment. A lot of fake sports playing surfaces could eventually become exhausted and require to be resurfaced with a fresh application of 3G man-made surfacing.

Other Sports Surfaces We Maintain

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