Artificial Tennis Court Maintenance in West Midlands

Artificial Tennis Court Maintenance in West Midlands

There are various tennis court maintenance services that we can carry out to help remove dirt from the surface and keep it playing well.

Tennis Court Specialists in West Midlands

Tennis Court Specialists in West Midlands

As well as thoroughly cleaning the tennis court and applying any repairs, a coloured paint coating can be applied to give non slip properties.

Tennis Surface Cleaning in West Midlands

Tennis Surface Cleaning in West Midlands

With regular cleaning and maintenance of your tennis court, you should be able to keep it in top condition and playing to its best all year round.

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Artificial Tennis Court Maintenance in West Midlands

We are Synthetic Turf Pitch Maintenance, we provide various tennis court maintenance services that we can carry out to help remove dirt from the surface and keep it playing well. If you'd like to speak with one of our experts in West Midlands our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Artificial tennis court maintenance in West Midlands B27 7 can vary depending on the type of facility you have. Each facility may differ for example due to the type of organisation:

  • Sports clubs
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Leisure centres

There are many different surface types for tennis courts, such as -

  • Porous macadam
  • Polymeric rubber
  • Synthetic grass
  • Clay courts

Line markings can be applied to each of these surface types and depending on the specification you may also be able to have an anti-slip coating applied.


If you require more information on maintaining tennis courts, please get in touch with our team by filling in our contact form. As soon as we receive your enquiry, we will respond to you with more details on costs and prices.

Maintaining Tennis Courts Near Me

As with other sports courts, artificial court maintenance is very important; this can help to prevent against contamination, flooding and surface damage. Such problems can make the area dangerous for users and may become expensive to deal with if they are not repaired.

Simple maintenance could be done to help prevent these problems, for example, frequent brushing and power washing the surface in order to remove dirt and debris. Repairs to minor damage may be required to create a brand new appearance; relining and repainting may be carried out if the original paint has faded. Additionally, a chemical treatment could be sprayed onto the surface to help prevent moss and algae contamination.

If you'd like to increase the durability of your artificial area, a routine maintenance scheme should be set up. An upkeep plan may also help to keep the court safe for its users and can also enhance the playing characteristics of the facility. If you're able to properly care for your sports facility, you can also prevent the surface from waterlogging and flooding by maintaining the porosity of your court.

Furthermore allowing for good water drainage, ensuring the facility is SuDS compliant. As well as maintenance we may also upgrade your sports court into a multipurpose sports facility in West Midlands with more playing qualities and different line markings for extra sports. Contact a member of our team through our enquiry form to discuss a quote for artificial tennis court maintenance at your facility; we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with some professional advice.

Tennis Court Cleaning Costs

The cost of having your sports surfacing professionally maintained will vary on a number of different factors such as the specification of your court, the area dimensions and the condition the surface is in. It is important to have your maintenance carried out by specialists, to gain the best quality results. Our trained professionals can help you set out the perfect maintenance plan for your court.

Also, the cleaning costs can be kept to a great value to help you to keep within your budget. For synthetic grass tennis facilities, the maintenance process should include deep cleaning, moss treatments and turf drag matting in West Midlands B27 7 to avoid contamination within the carpet. To find out more about drag matting please click here Here you can find out about drag mats and how they can be used to maintain pitches.

Porous macadam surfaces require the least maintenance; this is because they contain no infill. If you want to fully maintain this type of surface it is important to get the flooring painted regularly with an anti-slip coating, in order to make the flooring safe for those using it. This may also protect the surface from cracking. Polymeric surfaces are also reasonably easy to maintain, the main task is to sweep the surface regularly.

An annual repaint and power wash will help to protect both macadam and polymeric courts from dirt and debris within the pores of the system, helping to avoid contamination and further tennis surfacing cleaning costs.

How to Maintain a Tennis Court Near Me

We can offer you more details on how to maintain your nearby facility if necessary. Please see the following steps below to see how you can maintain your local facility and its surrounding areas:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surfacing to remove any dirt or debris
  2. Apply moss and algae to the flooring to prevent contaminants
  3. Fix any cracks on the surfacing
  4. Apply a polyurethane binder if required
  5. Colour coat the surfacing with anti-slip paint (macadam and polymeric courts)
  6. Apply line markings

If you require more information on artificial tennis court maintenance in West Midlands B27 7 please contact our team now by filling in the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you.

Tennis Court Refurbishment in West Midlands

We're an established tennis surface construction along with maintenance business, who've got a various understanding with regards to various sports courts plus servicing. Choosing the most ideal surface sort is necessary, so the flooring is suitable for your facility. Mainly because non-slip paint increases the grip of the surfacing, the safety characteristics are enhanced.

Along with being in a position to install sports surfaces, we are able to additionally carry out expert cleaning. For information on deep cleaning make sure to visit this page Cleansing the surfacing is vital so that porous qualities will be maintained. Moss along with algae can certainly contaminate your court and may lead to floods and also waterlogging - to prevent this, a specialist treatment may be applied.

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There are other upkeep services that we can offer. After the paint has been applied for a while and many people have used it, it may begin to fade as well as suffer a loss of its characteristics. To recover the top performing properties of your facility and improve the appearance, re-painting and also relining upkeep may be performed.

Minor fixes can be executed easily by skilled experts; which is why it's important to check your surfacing for problems often. If your tennis surfacing closest to you is old and worn out, then it might need to be resurfaced. Resurfacing works as a new surface and is carried out when courts cannot be mended.

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