3G Pitch Maintenance in Bolenowe

3G Pitch Maintenance in Bolenowe

If you have a 3G synthetic sports pitch, it's important to keep up with a regular maintenance plan in order to prevent damage and create the best playing qualities.

3G Surface Cleaning in Bolenowe

3G Surface Cleaning in Bolenowe

Carrying out a thorough clean of the artificial turf and the rubber infill will help to remove contaminants and prevent moss and algae from growing on the sports pitch.

Artificial Pitch Repairs in Bolenowe

Artificial Pitch Repairs in Bolenowe

Our specialist team can carry out reactive maintenance and repairs to a 3G synthetic sport pitch to fix damage and restore the original performance qualities.

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3G Pitch Surfacing Maintenance in Bolenowe

Here at 3G Pitch Surfacing Maintenance, our specialist team can carry out reactive maintenance and repairs to a 3G synthetic sports pitch to fix damage and restore the original performance qualities. If you would like further expert advice on 3G pitch surfacing maintenance in Bolenowe our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

We are experts in carrying out 3G pitch surfacing maintenance in Bolenowe TR14 9 to keep your facility in the best possible condition. 3G synthetic sports pitches could be introduced in order to replace muddy and waterlogged natural grass which have become worn out and damaged over a period of time. It is vital to think about a 3G pitch maintenance programme for these facilities at schools, colleges and public sports centres.

By having such artificial surfaces installed a variety of design specifications and budget requirements can be produced for each individual project. Additionally, these types of surfaces have a rubber crumb infill particles which are installed with fibres which helps to provide the perfect playing qualities for sports such as football and rugby. Another advantage of 3G artificial pitches is that they require much less maintenance than natural grass.

However, it's still necessary to carry out 3G surfacing maintenance to keep the surface safe and in perfect condition. It's strongly advised that you carry out regular inspections of your surfacing so that you will notice any damages as quickly as possible, this will help to reduce costs for major repairs.


If you have a 3G synthetic pitch which requires maintenance or repairs, please use our contact form to send us over the details and we’ll advise you on the costs to complete this work.

Maintaining 3G Pitches Near Me

3G pitch maintenance could include grooming and drag brushing the surface to remove any litter, leaves or other natural matter – this will stop such things from decaying on the field which could cause the surface to lose porosity. The same process can be applied for sand filled surfacing maintenance in Bolenowe to ensure the sand is kept clean and maintain porosity. 

Grooming and drag brushing the field will also help keep the rubber infill evenly distributed, which helps maintain even playing characteristics, allowing you to get the most out of the field. Decompaction may also be required to maintain your surface; this involves extracting and replacing or redistributing existing rubber infill to prevent it from becoming stuck together deep in the grass fibres.

What is a 3G Sports Pitch?

A 3G sports pitch is a type of synthetic facility which is used for different sporting activities. 3G man-made flooring is a wonderful alternative to natural grass for a sports activities area. The surface continues to be approved by an organisation such as FIFA the FA and IRB to be certain that the manufactured grass is suitable for sporting activities for instance rugby and soccer.

The 3G manufactured surfacing ranges when it comes to pile size from 32mm (hockey) to 60mm (rugby). Since 3G is often used for hockey pitches, we have a good understanding of what is needed to maintain hockey pitches. For details on the upkeep needed for hockey fields please click here http://www.syntheticturfpitchmaintenance.co.uk/sports/hockey-pitch/cornwall/bolenowe/ Soccer surfaces have a tendency to use forty millimetres 3rd generation grass and this is normally laid down on top of a shock pad to make the surface secure.

We install a permeable sub base when we have excavated out the current flooring. We provide two unique variations of sub base which could be put in place for a third generation surface; these are generally engineered and dynamic bases. An engineered sub base is made of compacted stone and then tarmacadam on top of it, constructing a solid foundation for a shock pad to get installed. The Third generation surface turf is equipped with rubber pellets and silica sand. Due to the infill, the surface's playing attributes are improved.

3G Sports Surface Cleaning Near Me in Bolenowe

Additional 3G sport surface cleaning that could be required could include chemical treatments. Having a chemical treatment applied to your surface will help to avoid contamination of the turf fibres by preventing moss and algae from growing on the field. Over time you will need to have an infill top up – which involves adding extra rubber crumb infill particles to the field – to bring back the best playing characteristics of your surface.

Reactive maintenance like resurfacing may also be in order after a period of time after the installation of a 3G pitch, such maintenance will really only be needed if the artificial pitch is in very bad condition making it unsuitable for use.

It is vital that regular 3G sport surface cleaning and upkeep is carried out to the synthetic turf surfacing so that major problems, such as moss and algae contamination, loss of drainage and infill compaction, will not occur. Such problems could impact the performance and safety of the artificial grass, therefore could result in costly repairs.

The cost of 3G pitch surfacing maintenance and cleaning can vary depending on a number of factors, for example, the size of your facility, the location and amount of work needed. A complete resurfacing job will cost a lot more than drag brushing and infill redistribution. We supply maintenance machinery in Bolenowe TR14 9 to help with large scale work so you can complete some of it yourself.

For more information on the supply of machinery please click here http://www.syntheticturfpitchmaintenance.co.uk/equipment/supply-machinery/cornwall/bolenowe/ We give a great value service to keep the surface within the best possible condition, however, we advise you to look into the price of upkeep before installing the artificial field to ensure you remain within your budget.

For more information on costs and prices for 3G pitch surfacing maintenance please fill in our contact form and we will be sure to respond to you as soon as we can. Our team have completed many cleaning and maintenance projects at schools, colleges and leisure centres so we may show you plenty of case studies and examples.

How to Maintain a 3G Pitch

If you are looking at how to maintain a 3G field, it is important that you consider getting a professional to complete the upkeep works.

  1. Drag brush the surfacing to remove any litter, leaves, dirt or debris
  2. Rejuvenate the facility to maintain the porosity
  3. Look for any rips or tears within the surface
  4. Repair any damages as soon as possible
  5. Resurface the area if necessary

As experts, we know just how to keep your facility within the best condition. If you would like to find out more information regarding 3G pitch surfacing maintenance in Bolenowe TR14 9 and the costs and prices of our services, please contact our team and we will be able to speak to you about the different servicing we can carry out.  

Benefits of 3G Pitches

The infill can be designed to take care of the structure of pile size, this will make the nearby facility comfy under foot all of which will improve the playing experience for the individuals. The rates for a facility installed will fluctuate based on a number of components including dimensions, specific location in addition to extra features. The 3G surfacing is an all-weather product making it ideal for volatile climates like the United kingdom.

This area may be used all year round in almost any weather, this can avoid any competing matches from getting stopped. Local schools and colleges could use Third generation surfacing for physical education and sporting activities, this surfacing is great for these types of institutions as Physical education doesn’t need to be cancelled due to terrible climate.

On account of the porosity, the pitch will not be waterlogged after a heavy problem of rainwater enabling institutions which include universities to benefit. Line markings may be set up to build professional activities facilities. These can be painted onto tennis courts as part of maintenance work. For details on tennis court maintenance please click here http://www.syntheticturfpitchmaintenance.co.uk/sports/tennis-court/cornwall/bolenowe/ Recreational facilities and activities centres closest to you and your surrounding area will gain through having these facilities since they may be leased out all year round.

Other Services We Maintain

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A lot of facilities near me achieve additional revenue from enabling their facilities to get used after working hours. You'll be able to include things like extra features for your pitch like floodlighting, making the facility more efficient as it may be used in the night. Playrite, Lano Sports and Rhino Turf are a handful of our providers.

The grade of many different 3G flooring are very substantial, and each of them selected to many different regulating bodies certifications to make sure you are obtaining excellent value for the cost.

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