Sand Dressed Pitch Maintenance

Sand Dressed Pitch Maintenance

Sand dressed synthetic pitches are commonly used for hockey, and it's important to look after these surfaces so that the sand infill doesn't get contaminated and compacted.

2G Surface Cleaning

2G Surface Cleaning

By carrying out a thorough clean through the sand infill and the grass fibres, you should be able to remove any dirt and keep the performance qualities to a high standard.

Sand Dressed Pitch Repairs

Sand Dressed Pitch Repairs

Reactive repairs may be needed if your sand dressed pitch becomes damaged or ripped, we can complete this process to prevent any trip hazards on the pitch.

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Sand Dressed All Weather Pitch Maintenance

Thanks for visiting Sand Dressed All Weather Pitch Maintenance, we are experts in carrying out a thorough clean through the sand infill and the grass fibres, to keep the performance qualities to a high standard. Are you looking for professional sand dressed all weather pitch maintenance installer in County? Then you have found the right place.

Sand dressed all weather pitch maintenance is a very important aspect of caring for your surface. The 2G sand-dressed field specification is ideal for use as a hockey pitch and is commonly installed for schools and sports clubs. If you develop an upkeep scheme the life span of a synthetic turf can rise considerably, and so it will last a lot longer than a facility without a maintenance plan.

It is important that you are proactive with your sand-dressed all-weather facility servicing. Proactive upkeep is very effective in helping to prevent the flooring from becoming damaged; therefore it is less likely you will need costly repairs. 


If you would like to find out more information regarding sand-dressed surface upkeep, please fill in our contact form so we can get in touch with you and tell you more about the servicing which is recommended to keep your nearby field within the best possible condition.

What is a Sand Dressed Pitch?

A sand-dressed pitch is an artificial sports surface used for sports like hockey. This type of surface is only partly filled with silica sand, which means that the sports are played on the artificial turf rather than the sand infill. Sand-dressed pitches require some maintenance to keep them in the best condition. However, due to the permeable qualities, water can drain through easily.

This means that the facility can be used in all weather conditions, as the local facility will not be subject to waterlogging and flooding. To learn more about pitch flooding please check out this page Do not hesitate to speak to our team for more information regarding sand-dressed pitches. Simply fill out the contact form and we will provide you with additional details.

Sand Dressed Pitch Repairs Near Me

Reactive servicing can also be done as a way to fix any problems that may have occurred; some types of reactive upkeep would be sand-dressed pitch repairs, resurfacing and rejuvenation. If your sand-dressed hockey flooring does become contaminated, it's vital that you get the correct specialist treatment as soon as possible, so that the porosity is not lost – as this can affect the drainage system of the surface causing it to become flooded or waterlogged.

As we offer a range of specialist pitch maintenance services we can advise you on each different requirement for every flooring type. For more details on our maintenance services please have a look at this page To maintain the structure of the surface’s fibres, sand infill rejuvenation may be in order; this is done by extracting the contaminated sand infill and replacing it with fresh infill. This process will also ensure the porosity and drainage qualities of your all-weather facility remain.  

Sport Surface Repair Costs

The price of sand-dressed pitch repairs and upkeep can vary on many factors, such as area size, location, etc. The size and condition of the pitch are the biggest factors when it comes to the cost of maintenance, as the bigger and more damaged the surface area, the more upkeep will be required.

Spending money on cleaning and maintaining the sports facility is highly recommended because it ensures your sand-dressed facility is safe for all users and continues to provide the best performance characteristics for as long as possible, therefore making the cost of upkeep worth it in the long run. It is important to take the cleaning costs into account before installing the sand-dressed facility, as this is vital to keep your sports facility in the best condition.

Sand Dressed Hockey Pitch Maintenance

This type of surfacing is most common for hockey pitches. Various upkeep servicing is required for this surface type. Additionally, proactive servicing is necessary if you want to make sure that your surface is safe for use and to also ensure there are no problems with the playing characteristics. An example of proactive upkeep that should be carried out would be brushing the surface in order to remove any contamination which is likely to cause damage to the synthetic carpet or harm to those who would be playing on the surfacing.

Moss and algae treatments may also be applied to prevent such contaminations and remove any existing moss and algae. For more information regarding contamination please click here Similarly, you may also carry out upkeep such as drag brushing and simply clearing litter, leaves and other natural matter from the surface in order to prevent contamination occurring.

If you've got an alternative type of synthetic turf closest to you, we can also complete maintenance for these facilities in your surrounding area including rugby surfacing cleaning and synthetic football pitch maintenance to allow these surfaces to remain to play well.

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The costs of sand-dressed all-weather field servicing works will vary depending on the size and condition of your surfacing. Please speak to one of our experts by filling in our quick enquiry form and we’ll come back to you with further details and a price to complete cleaning or repairs.

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