Sand Filled Astroturf Maintenance in North Yorkshire

Sand Filled Astroturf Maintenance in North Yorkshire

We recommend carrying out regular cleaning and maintenance for your sand filled synthetic pitch to keep it free from contaminants and damage.

2G Pitch Cleaning in North Yorkshire

2G Pitch Cleaning in North Yorkshire

By routinely checking and cleaning the 2G sports pitch, you will be able to spot any potential damage and prevent problems with drainage before the surface becomes unsafe for use.

Sand Filled Pitch Repairs in North Yorkshire

Sand Filled Pitch Repairs in North Yorkshire

With a thorough cleaning and maintenance programme, you should be able to retain the best playing qualities however repairs can be carried out if necessary.

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Sand Filled Astroturf Maintenance in North Yorkshire

We are Sand Filled Astroturf Maintenance, we provide a thorough cleaning and maintenance programme, to retain the best playing qualities as well as repairs if necessary. If you'd like free advice from our expert team in North Yorkshire our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

After a 2G synthetic pitch surface has been installed, it is important to make sure a plan for sand filled astroturf maintenance in North Yorkshire YO23 2 is set up. The purpose of this upkeep regime is to maintain the durability of the surfacing, whilst also helping to get the best performance qualities when playing on the facility.

Our professionals are able to ensure that your surface is maintained properly so that it is kept in the best possible condition; to do this we offer a variety of different maintenance packages. It's highly recommended that you make sure your sports surfacing is getting the correct cleaning care, as this is important if you want the life span of your facility to be optimised.

Cleaning the sand-filled astroturf can be done by drag brushing the surface and checking the infill levels, etc. Specialists can also offer maintenance such as mechanical rotary brush services and a chemical treatment which helps to protect against contamination of the surfacing.

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Please get in touch with us if you'd like any more details regarding the costs for carrying out sand-filled astroturf maintenance at your facility, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is a Sand Filled Pitch?

A sand filled pitch is a type of sports surface which could be used for numerous sporting activities. Sand-filled pitches have a layer of silica infill installed at the base of the synthetic grass fibres. The sand is used to help keep the fibres upright, allowing better performance characteristics for the facility. Sand-filled pitches are durable, long lasting facilities and can be installed for a range of sports activities.

Although maintenance is required, sand-filled pitches are porous which means that water can drain through easily; this means that the field will not become waterlogged. For more information on what a sand-filled pitch is, please complete the enquiry form presented on this page and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Maintaining 2G Pitches Near Me

Over time, it's expected that your synthetic grass sports surface will need some sort of repairs to be carried out, this may be due to some joints coming apart due to constant use. If your 2G artificial pitch surface happens to become vandalised, simple repairs may be done to fix the damages. Regular sand-filled astroturf maintenance is needed, especially if you want to reduce damages and cost of repairs.

The same sort of work can be carried out during sand-dressed pitch maintenance in North Yorkshire YO23 2 as these two specifications are quite similar. By carrying out frequent inspections of your surfacing, you will be able to notice any damages early on, therefore helping to reduce the risk of major repairs. Frequent infill level checks are also necessary to make certain that they are topped up the right amount without being compacted deep into the fibres.

If you need additional infill, please have a look at this page One great benefit of sand-filled astroturf is that it has a porous membrane, allowing water to pass through easily; if the infill level is incorrect drainage may begin to fail and the compacted sand infill may become dirty, leading to contamination and waterlogging on the sports field closest to you and your surrounding area.

How to Maintain a Sand Filled Pitch Near Me

If you're interested in how to maintain a nearby sand-filled pitch, make sure to check out our simple guide:

  1. Clean the facility by drag brushing the surface
  2. Apply a chemical treatment to remove and prevent moss and algae contamination
  3. Fix any rips or tears in the surfacing straight away
  4. Resurface the facility if necessary

We can set up a maintenance programme for you, which involves our specialists carrying out the maintenance work. This means you will not need to worry about the upkeep, as our experts can sort it for you.

2G Synthetic Pitch Repairs

We undertake a number of different maintenance tasks in order to keep your surfacing in the best possible condition. Our experts can carry out 2G synthetic facility repairs including

  • Seam and joint repairs
  • Infill level top-ups
  • Drag brushing
  • Mechanical rotary brushing
  • Power sweeping
  • Routine inspections

and general repair work that may be in order.  

In some cases the surfacing may have become contaminated due to moss and algae, this contaminated infill could be removed by professionals, who will then replace the infill with a clean layer; this also helps to restore the original playing qualities of the surface.

For localised areas of damage, we often supply artificial surface repair kits in North Yorkshire so that the client can fix smaller problems without the need for us to come to the site. For details on repair kits please click here This allows you to fix the surface at a much cheaper rate.


If your local artificial grass surfacing does become contaminated it is important to have a sand-filled pitch rejuvenation carried out by specialists as soon as possible in order to prevent flooding. Contamination may be avoided by regular check-ups and cleaning the surfacing (for example brushing and deep cleaning) before litter, leaves and other natural matter starts to decay.

Throughout the years extra sand infill will be required once the surface has been installed; the amount of infill will vary depending on how often the surface gets used – the more often the field gets played on, the more infill will be removed. The astroturf infill will need to be topped up at least once every 1-2 years should you want to extend the lifespan and maintain the original accreditations.

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