Turf Pitch Performance Testing

Turf Pitch Performance Testing

We can carry out specialist performance tests on artificial grass pitches to check that the surface is playing to the maximum quality standards for the chosen sports.

Sports Pitch Performance Tests

Sports Pitch Performance Tests

It's important to check the playing qualities on your sports surface to ensure it meets the required characteristics for the sports and activities you want to play.

Artificial Grass Testing

Artificial Grass Testing

Artificial grass testing can be carried out by our professionals who are fully trained and qualified to carry out the process to ensure the are is safe for use.

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Synthetic Turf Performance Characteristics

Welcome to Synthetic Turf Performance characteristics, we carry out specialist performance tests on artificial grass pitches to check that the surface is playing to the maximum quality standards for the chosen sports. Do you need an experienced synthetic turf performance characteristics contractor? Then you have come to the right place.

Synthetic turf performance characteristics is important for an all-weather artificial grass pitch as it meets the performance characteristics set out by the governing body of the sport. This includes FIFA, FA (Football Association), IRB (international Rugby Board), RFU (Rugby Football Union), RFL (Rugby Football League), IATS (International Artificial Turf Standard), FIH (International Hockey Federation), IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and ITF (International Tennis Federation).


If you are interested in finding out more information, feel free to contact our team today. We are happy to give you all the details necessary to ensure you are satisfied with the performance characteristics in your surrounding areas. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible with everything you need to know. 

What Tests are Needed for Artificial Turf?

There are a number of tests needed for nearby artificial turf, to ensure that the artificial grass pitch meets the necessary specification requirements of the governing body. These assessments can include impact criteria, slip resistance, surface requirement, permeability, levels and performance tests. Please read what the assessments are carried out for below:

  • Impact criteria Testing – Energy Resistance, Force Reduction, Vertical Deformation, Impact Severity
  • Slip Resistance Inspections Test – Skid resistant properties, Traction
  • Surface Requirement – Ball roll, Velocity Change, Friction
  • Permeability Inspection Tests – Porosity, SUDS Compliant, Permeable Results
  • Levels Assessment – Surface Regularity, Gradients, Deviation of Levels
  • BS 7044 Performance Tests – Surface Durability, Tensile Properties, Environmental Resistance

Performance Testing Near Me

When carrying out performance testing our specialists are able to provide you with their specialist knowledge in order to get the greatest results. We have years of experience and expert knowledge to ensure your surfacing is safe for use and suitable for the users.

When searching for a safe area, our tests are crucial to ensure the area can be a great facility for a number of players. We are happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with the information you need. Simply fill out the contact form given and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Get your Sports Pitch Tested

Proactive tests won't just help you stay up to date with ensuring the recreational area remains safe and secure all year long but it'll supply data of testing for any warranties the facility could have. These types of assessments are carried out on location by certified testing experts. If you wish for your recreational facilities near me to satisfy the criteria determined by authorities then carrying out consistent playing assessments is important.

Test results will differ depending on a design and specification of the artificial grass surface and regular survey assessments are required in order to ensure that the correct maintenance procedures could be put in place. Additionally, sports surface safety assessments http://www.syntheticturfpitchmaintenance.co.uk/survey/safety-characteristics/ can be done to check that the floor is safe for players to use all year round. 

The performance tests allow for optimum maintenance of a synthetic grass system by regularly assessing the state of the surfacing and producing a report to state exactly the type of maintenance required. For example, if the test for ball bounce fails on a 3G football pitch, it is likely that there is not enough rubber infill within the system and this can be rectified by simply adding more rubber crumb to the fibres.

If you are interested in having the playing qualities tested on your local sports pitch, please complete our contact form so we can discuss this with you and send over some more information.

Sports Pitches Performance Tests

Tests for sports surfacing is essential to keep nearby users safe and also making sure these people have a good experience while taking part. If upkeep isn't done, the floor may get slippery and dirty. If the surface qualities are inadequate this may lead to accidental injuries and problems which could cause severe incidents and also lawsuits.

To be able to look at the safety of a games area closest to you, routine maintenance is vital. It is extremely important to make sure that your current facility is frequently examined for any possible issues which could cause incidents for the people using it or destruction on the surface.

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Regular maintenance visits help keep the pile upright and vertical giving better long-term performance, appearance and lifespan. The routine maintenance keeps the pitch and its surrounding areas within the standards set out by the governing bodies and testing of these standards could be carried out annually to make sure the playing characteristics are being met because the playing criteria are crucial for the desired sports.

The preservation and ongoing proactive maintenance of an artificial turf pitch are much more cost-effective than a reactive resurfacing once the pitch has become damaged and unsafe. Regular maintenance may include deep cleaning, grooming and applying specialist algae treatments to prevent contamination on the surface. To learn more about algae treatment, please click here http://www.syntheticturfpitchmaintenance.co.uk/proactive/algae-treatment/ This chemical treatment helps to prevent contamination.

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