Pitch Maintenance Plant

Pitch Maintenance Plant

We use many different types of machinery and plant for sports pitch maintenance including tractors and diggers for various cleaning and repair services.

All Weather Pitch Plant

All Weather Pitch Plant

Our services include a range of maintenance and cleaning works and many of these are done using specialist machinery to distribute infill and lay surfaces.

Maintenance Machinery

Maintenance Machinery

Our maintenance machinery is available across the UK for facilities that are looking to improve their sports courts and make it safer for the users.

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Supply of Sports Pitch Maintenance Plant

Thanks for visiting Supply of Sports Pitch Maintenance Plant, we specialise in services which include a range of maintenance and cleaning works and many of these are done using specialist machinery to distribute infill and lay surfaces. Are you looking for a professional supply of sports pitch maintenance installers? Then you have found the right place.

A supply of sports pitch maintenance plant is a service which we offer. We have carefully selected a variety of servicing equipment packages to maintain your all weather pitch synthetic sports surface.

It is vital to ensure that any machine you use is purpose-built for the intended task as using the wrong machinery could invalidate your warranty and lead to costly repairs. We're able to provide specialist sports surfaces servicing plant that has been designed for this synthetic turf market.

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If you're interested to find out about the products which we have available, then speak to our team now by filling out the application form on our website. We're happy to answer any questions you have and to help in any way possible. Our team have a large amount of experience to find you exactly what you are looking for. 

Cleaning your Sport Surfacing 

Regular brushing of a synthetic infilled surface and debris removal form the main part of the in-house cleaning when equipment used. Uneven infill can cause premature wear and damage to fibres so Infill distribution is vital by drag brushing which moves and replaces infill to low spots. If required we also supply extra pitch infill to top up the pitch and keep the performance qualities at their best.

In terms of performance, we offer performance testing. If you'd like more information on performance tests please click here http://www.syntheticturfpitchmaintenance.co.uk/survey/performance/ Our synthetic turf servicing plant equipment packages cater for all budgets and can be used in conjunction with our specialist professional cleaning programs.

Equipment can be used on sand filled, sand dressed, long piled 3G synthetic turf, short piled 2G sand filled artificial surfaces and planned routine maintenance can be a combination of in-house and professional visits to keep your sports pitch in the best condition.

If you require a specialist plant for sports maintenance, feel free to let us know by filling in our contact form so we can send you all the necessary information that you will need.

Supply All Weather Pitch Maintenance Professional Plant

Many clients near me ask ‘Are the synthetic turf pitches maintenance free?’ and ‘How regularly do I need to maintain my pitch?’ and the answer to these are they are definitely not servicing free and the frequency of maintenance depends on the surrounding areas to the pitch and how often the sports all weather surface is used. If you'd like your surfacing to be in excellent condition, then it will require servicing like most surface types.

The better your cleaning plan, the more likely your flooring is going to have great performance qualities. If you're regular and consistent with your service plan, then the facility should last a lot longer than one which is used a lot but not maintained well.

Specialist Maintenance Plants Near Me

We are able to offer specialist maintenance plans to sports facilities that are looking to improve their surrounding areas. It's important that every synthetic sports pitch considers their maintenance options once the surface has been installed as this can help extend the life expectancy of the flooring.

As professionals, we can carry out cleaning services that are tailored directly to synthetic grass. If you would be interested in learning more, speak to our team today. We're happy to give you exactly what you require, at a great rate. Just fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Professional Sports Cleaning Equipment

We are able to provide sports surface maintenance plant equipment that is tailor-made for artificial sports surfaces and this plant includes all necessary equipment to allow the client to carry out inhouse surfacing cleaning. This generally includes drag mat passes, drag brush visits over the area and every few months a decompaction and possibly clean of a surface.

Our team can complete this type of maintenance for nearby football pitches, multi-use games areas and tennis court facilities http://www.syntheticturfpitchmaintenance.co.uk/sports/tennis-court/ to maintain the best playing qualities.


It is advisable for the decompaction and cleaning of an infill to be carried out by a local professional external maintenance company closest to you because the process is a specialised system and without proper training could be more damaging to the sports pitch and its surrounding area. If it's not conducted by an expert, then there is a change that the surfacing could have a large amount of damage which could be costly to fix and repair.

Other Equipment We Offer

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If you require the different options for the supply of sports pitch maintenance plant with costs, specifications and lead times to deliver this equipment then please fill in our contact form for further information. Please write in detail about the service which your facilities require then this will help our experts provide you with the most effective response.

We have made our enquiry process easy to follow to make this process simple. When you contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible with the suitable information which you have enquired about. Thank you for reading this information, don't forget to ask us about this!


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