Artificial MUGA Maintenance

Artificial MUGA Maintenance

Synthetic pitches and hard court surfaces require regular maintenance in order to prevent contamination and damage.

MUGA Cleaning Costs

MUGA Cleaning Costs

The costs of thoroughly cleaning a multi use games area surface will vary depending on its size and the conditions of the facility, however it can reduce repair costs in the future.

Sports Pitch Cleaners

Sports Pitch Cleaners

We can offer a range of maintenance services for synthetic turf MUGAs, macadam courts and polymeric rubber surfaces including cleaning and repairs.

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Artificial MUGA Pitch Maintenance

Thanks for visiting Synthetic Turf Pitch Maintenance, we are experts in artificial MUGA pitch maintenance in order to prevent contamination and damage. Are you looking for a professional artificial MUGA pitch maintenance installer in County? Then you have found the right place.

Artificial MUGA pitch maintenance is important if you want your sports court to stay in its best condition. Proactive cleaning is done to prevent any problems occurring on the surface. The different methods of proactive servicing that you can carry out would be regularly grooming artificial grass fibres in order for them to maintain their structure, therefore improving playing characteristics by creating an even playing field.

Regular drag-brushing or drag matting the surface will help to spread the rubber infill across the facility evenly; this will give the surfacing of the pitch the structure needed to ensure good quality usage. Reactive upkeep is carried out to repair a surface when the damage has already been done; this could include infill top ups, application of new spray coatings, etc.

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Hard Court Maintenance Near Me

If you've got a hard court MUGA surface, such as polymeric rubber or macadam, proactive maintenance is still required. It is recommended to regularly brush and power wash your hard court surface to remove any dirt and debris from the area which could cause contamination if left too long. Reactive servicing may also be necessary on a hard court multi-use games area; such upkeep may include -

  • Regular repairs
  • Rubber infill top-up
  • Rejuvenation
  • Renovation

Reactive maintenance is mainly carried out once your court has suffered any damage or vandalism creating a negative effect on playing characteristics of the surface. For details on repair please visit this page As sport facility cleaning experts we can offer our professional advice on all types of multisport pitch upkeep.

 Regular cleaning and upkeep will help to prevent the need for reactive maintenance and will also help to increase the life span of your multisport surface.

For more information regarding the prices to carry out artificial MUGA upkeep, feel free to contact us today. Fill in our quick enquiry form on this page and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can with a quote.

What is a MUGA Pitch?

A MUGA pitch is a type of sports facility which could be used for a number of different sports. The surfacing used when installing the field will depend upon the type of sports you wish to play within the area. Different sports will be best played on specific surfaces; for example, football is best played on a 3G field. You will find that multi-use games areas are often installed in schools and sports clubs with limited space or funds. This is because numerous activities can be played in a single space.

MUGA Cleaning Costs

The MUGA cleaning costs can differ depending on a number of factors, such as the amount of maintenance needed, the size of the surface and the location of your facility. Multisport pitches that have been properly cleaned and maintained since the time of installation will require much less reactive upkeep than those which have not. Our specialist company can provide a regular maintenance scheme to help look after your multi-use pitch and keep it in the best possible condition.

This can be done weekly or monthly – the more often your pitch is cleaned, the better quality your pitch will be in. Professional sport surface testing can also be offered for safety and performance characteristics of the multi-use court or pitch; this helps to focus on what particular attention the synthetic field or hard court needs, which gives the client more control over budget costs.

Although proactive upkeep is the main costs of maintaining a sports surface, it is important when making sure that your facility will have a long life span. Additionally, if you do not carry out routine artificial MUGA pitch maintenance it can lead to more expensive and severe damages in the future; for example, your sports field could suffer from contamination due to dirt, moss and algae that has decayed over time, flooding, waterlogging, and rubber infill compaction. Our team can supply additional infill if necessary.

For details on the supply of new infill please click here If you require reactive maintenance to your MUGA, we can offer services like repairs, resurfacing and recycled turf rejuvenation to fix problems with damage, drainage and performance quality.

If you'd like additional information regarding the nearby multi-use area cleaning costs, please feel free to fill out our contact form and one of our staff members will get back to you right away with a detailed and helpful response.

Multi-Use Games Areas Near Me

Our local company has a lot of experience within the design in addition to the installation of multi sports spaces; we will even complete repairs and maintenance to help keep your establishment and its surrounding area in the finest quality. Several establishments can benefit from fitting a multipurpose facility. A selection of sports could be played in a single area making them ideal for many facilities closest to you.

Considering we know every establishment differs, we are able to create specific designs and specs to accommodate you as an individual. There are many surfacing types accessible for MUGAs, such as -

  • EPDM rubber
  • Tarmac
  • Multi-sport synthetic
  • 2G and 3G artificial turf

The surface type will vary based on exactly what the facility is going to be used for as well as the money that you are willing to pay out.

MUGA Maintenance Costs

The cost to maintain your nearby MUGA will vary depending on a number of different factors. One big aspect which will alter the costs of upkeep for MUGAs is the type of surfacing you have installed. Another factor which can cause the price of the upkeep to change is the area size. Obviously a smaller area will be cheaper to maintain than a bigger facility. Many other factors can alter the costs, so please get in touch for more information. 


It is recommended that you complete routine maintenance and cleaning when your multi-use games area has been installed. To get the most out of your MUGA facility and minimize the likelihood of requiring high priced fixes, our company encourage doing regular inspections to look for any kind of damages. In order to avoid moss and algae growing, dirt and debris should be removed.

For details on moss and algae prevention please click here In the event your facility does get contaminated, a chemical treatment can be put onto the surface as well as revitalisation to get rid of it. An upkeep plan is strongly suggested to help reduce serious issues which may result in expensive repairs or even a full pitch replacement.

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