Artificial Pitch Field Tests

Artificial Pitch Field Tests

We can complete field tests to check your artificial grass pitch for contamination and any other performance or safety problems you may have on the surface.

On Site Pitch Testing

On Site Pitch Testing

Sports pitch testing can help us to assess the best methods of maintenance for your facility, and whether there are any issues with performance or drainage on the surface.

Sports Pitch Examinations

Sports Pitch Examinations

You may need to carry out sports pitch examinations in order to ensure your surrounding areas are safe for use and suitable for the players on the court.

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Synthetic Turf Sports Pitch Onsite Testing

Welcome to Synthetic Turf Sports Pitch Onsite Testing, our expert team can complete field tests to check your artificial grass pitch for contamination and any other performance or safety problems you may have on the surface. Do you need an experienced synthetic turf sports pitch onsite testing contractor in [location]? Then you have come to the right place.

There are a number of different tests to be carried out on artificial grass, such as synthetic turf sports pitch onsite testing in order for them to meet accreditations. Different tests are carried out to artificial turf pitches to make sure they are safe and match the sports playing characteristics.

National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of all sports such as FIFA, The FA (The Football Association), FIH, RFL, RFU, LTA (Lawn Tennis Association), ITF, IATS and SAPCA set a number of targets that synthetic sport surfaces must meet in order for them to gain necessary accreditation. Performance testing plays a big part in making sure that artificial turf sports surfaces meet the NGB necessary criteria to gain their accreditation.

Performance Tests include surface durability testing, tensile properties and environmental resistance. Other assessments include surface requirements such as ball bounce, ball roll tests and slip resistance testing to test whether the sports carpet is fit for play.


To find out more information regarding synthetic turf pitch testing, speak to our professionals today. We are happy to provide you with all the details you need in order to get the best possible results. Just fill out the enquiry form provided if you are interested in finding out more information and to ask any questions you may have. 

Tests for Sports Pitches Near Me

Maintaining an artificial sport surface to the guideline specifications set out in the governing body manual is important in order to ensure that the synthetic surface is working to its maximum potential and does not need replacing before it is necessary. By making certain that the sports carpets are tested on a regular basis you can ensure that it meets the necessary standards of the sport governing body and is suitable for amateur or professional play.

We can complete any maintenance that is required and also supply specialist machinery to allow you to complete some of the work yourself. You can find more about the supply of machinery by visiting this page As well as machinery, we can also supply a range of other equipment to help you maintain your pitch.

If your local synthetic pitch requires tests for performance and safety qualities, feel free to get in touch with us today so we can give you information on the costs of these services.

Specialist Onsite Testing 

For many sports courts and play areas in the installation of a flooring must meet standards set in place to ensure it is safe for use. our specialist inspectors will carry out a variety of risk assessments to search for any problems and improve the facility.

Once a court has become damaged, it can easily impact the performance of an area and also discourage players to use the surfacing. As professionals across the UK, we are able to carry out the testing to meet your requirements as well as ones set in place by organisations. Fill out the enquiry form provided if you would like to find out more information or to speak to our specialists now.  

Sports Surfaces Insitu Field Tests

The assessments which are carried out will normally include player and surface interaction, ball and surface interaction, durability, properties of the surfacing and the toxicity. Below we have explained in more detail what these types of assessments are conducted for. These sport tests closest to you are often involved once an artificial pitch has been installed is as follows:

  • Player/surface interaction – shock absorption, deformation, head injury criteria, energy restitution, traction/rotational resistance, abrasiveness and abrasiveness friction. Another testing can include slip resistance and sliding distance.
  • Ball/Surface interaction – ball rebound, ball roll and football pace.
  • Durability – testing to assess whether the sports carpet can withstand the pressure of adverse weather conditions and constant play all year round.
  • Properties of fake turf – tensile properties, turf withdrawal, pile height and joint strength.
  • Toxicity – safety tests to ensure the grass fibres and other materials are not toxic in any way.

Artificial Turf Field Testing

There are many nearby companies within your surrounding area who claim to supply and install the latest technology artificial sports surface with 3G, 4G or 5G synthetic turf. With this being said it is incredibly important that you carry out all the necessary credit and reference checks before placing an order for the works. By choosing an artificial grass installer that has over 10 years of experience you will have more peace of mind throughout the process and better your chances of a successful installation.

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Once the pitch has been installed, correct maintenance should be applied to prevent issues like flooding and sports pitch contamination and if you keep on top of looking after the facility it will most likely prevent a large cost for repairing the facility near me. It will also help keep the properties and performance qualities up to a great standard.

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